Simple Text for After Effects

$30.00 per license


  • Text animation fast and easy
  • Use a shape layer to animate
  • Set timing and delay type
  • Reuse your favorite animations
  • After Effects CS6 and above

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Simple Text is a script for After Effects that creates text animation in a fast and intuitive way.

Simple Text - Script Interface

If you think text animation in After Effects is too complicated, Simple Text was made for you. The script simplifies this process making it fast and intuitive. As easy as create a shape layer animation. Actually, it’s exactly what Simple Text does.
It uses a shape layer to control the text animation. The timing and type of the delay between the letters, words or lines are easily controlled in just a few clicks. Once created, you can apply the animation to any text layer.

What is different about Simple Text?


  • Edit your text motion path using bezier curve
  • Use the Graph Editor to refine your animation
  • Make more than just in and out animations
  • Total movement control

Use Simple Text in three steps



Convert the text layer. Just select it and apply Simple Text. It will create a structure with a controller, so you can create your animation.



Create your animation. Using the shape layer, you can animate position, anchor point, rotation, scale and transparency. Your text layer will be automatically animated.



Set the delay type and timing. You can set the delay between letters, words or lines and three different types of delay: regular, reverse and random.

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